Almanar helps women to form cooperative associations, earn living

Mariam Hussein is a 52-year-old, displaced mothermother of five children.  She was born in Gadarif State to a mother from Gadarif and a father from Nyala, Darfur State.  She was first introduced to Almanar in 2010 in its adult literacy program.

During that time, Mariam regularly attended awareness sessions on gender based violence, child rights and women’s rights conducted by Almanar and later joined the workshops on business management and leadership which were given to women who would eventually take charge ofseven Community Based Organizations(CBOs) around Khartoumon a project funded by the European Commission.  Mariam’s acquired knowledge helped her to be elected Vice President of the Haj Yousifwomen’s cooperative association.  Along with the cooperative members, she is now able to analyze community needs, design projects, and write a comprehensive project proposal.  Women Cooperative Association successfully applied for a community based project and received supplies to start a sewing business this in March 2015.  Mariam believes that the women’s cooperative has the capability of uplifting her whole community, not only financially, but also through giving the mothers the tools to make their voices heard not only at home, but in the public sphere as well and to eradicate harmful traditional practices such as females genital mutilation (FGM).